The fest “Na Harmana” – Harmanli, Bulgaria

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It is being held on the second Saturday and Sunday of September.

Forthcoming dates: 12 September 2020 (Saturday) until 13 September 2020 (Sunday).

For centuries, the road from Western Europe to Istanbul has passed through Harmanli, a city whose name imprints the history and traditional livelihoods of the locals.

"Harmanlii" were the people who worked on the threshing floor - the place where wheat was threshed. Harmanli started as a roadside inn for passing traders, around which a settlement and a threshing floor gradually formed, providing them with livelihood. That is why the festival of traditional crafts and food, with which the city has been celebrating its way of life and history for three years, is called "Na Harmana" and one of the accents in it is the artistic reconstruction of the customs around threshing.

However, a lot of preparation is required to get to the "threshing". The soil is fertile in Harmanli and the surrounding villages have preserved a number of traditional crafts and culinary customs.

In 2017, for the first time, citizens of Harmanli and guests gather "Na Harmana" to celebrate their traditions.

Over 500 participants are on the folklore stage and take part in exhibitions throughout the day to present their products, traditions and customs.

Producers from the community and the surrounding villages proudly present their products - wine, ground, baked sesame seed and honey, bread, sesame and dairy products - over 100 stands.

Except for getting acquainted with local customs around threshing and culinary tradition, festival guests can visit a corner of a traditional home and enjoy songs and dances from the region.

During the festival an extreme wine tour 4X4 is being held, through an organized visit to family wineries in the region.

Organizers: Harmanli Municipality and Association “The Business for Harmanli”, tel.: +359 899611051

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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